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Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → ‘He didn’t understand that my degree meant I had a head full of information and when I asked him about his work all he could muster was that it had been “fine”.‘In any case there’s only so much you can talk about when you do the same job. This book moves very quickly and while a lot happens the plot doesn’t venture too deeply in any one direction: not into the history not into the setting not into the characters’ motivations I dove into this book because it was about a Dutch widow in 1654 who travels from her very small hometown to Delft and becomes a pottery painter Obviously that’s exactly like Regency England and every other historical I’ve read (Ha Not.) … Continue reading Midnight Blue by Simone van der Vlugt → By Amanda · Jul 1 2018 at 4:00 am · View all 26 comments Yet while the 30-year-old office worker who sat down in front of her was handsome polite and ly-dressed the minute Natasha brought up the Labour leader’s policies any spark of attraction was extinguished ‘When I mentioned Jeremy Corbyn he said: “Who’s that?” I couldn’t believe it,’ says 90 minutes discussing what she describes as ‘benign’ subjects such as reality TV and football Natasha made her excuses and left no closer to finding Mr long dark hair big brown eyes and a stunning Size 8 figure Natasha — entering her final year at Goldsmiths University of London — has no problem attracting male attention. Andrea Gould 41 has two degrees and says her intellect has prevented her from finding love and having the family she longed forIn the event Becca ended the relationship because she says he was always at work — an unfortunate fact of life many of us might sympathise with but one Becca intends to put off for much of her 20s by doing a PhD in disability research after her has d around eight men in total — all non-graduates.‘I know deep down they didn’t see me as relatable,’ she says ‘I get the impression they’d rather a girl without a degree They don’t know how to react to my different life experiences and see my education as a barrier.’So why doesn’t Becca fellow students? Because she says of the class divide. Yet even more mature men fail to show the requisite enthusiasm for her university projects — which include a radio documentary she recently produced on ‘the pressure that black are under to adhere to white beauty stereotypes’.One can imagine how such a topic could be a little alienating to many men and Natasha herself admits ‘there’s only so much I can talk about my own interests without sounding patronising.’She says that men often try to change the subject matter back to lads’ nights outs holidays and sporting hobbies.‘I’ll always listen to be polite but superficial self-indulgent conversation is an immediate red flag,’ she the breakdown of her most recent relationship with a DJ ten years her senior Natasha has had a handful of s but declined to take things further. By Amanda · Jul 3 2018 at 11:30 am · View all 8 comments

By SB Sarah · Jul 2 2018 at 4:07 pm · One comment. By Amanda · Jul 1 2018 at 11:30 am · View all 17 comments The Prince of Midnight by Laura Kinsale is $ ! This historical romance has some Beauty and the Beast elements Readers love the angsty broody hero while others thought there would be more action to the story If you’ve read this one tell us what you thought about it in the comments! It also has a 3.8-star rating on Goodreads. Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd Part of the Daily Mail The Mail on Sunday & Metro. With long dark hair big brown eyes and a stunning Size 8 figure Natasha has no problem attracting male attentionLike many arts degrees her media and communications course is dominated by female students and Natasha claims the few male undergraduates ‘lack the intellectual maturity to handle conversations’.‘One cancelled our four times because he was too busy getting drunk In class their conversations centre around going to gigs and smoking weed at weekends which is not what I’m looking for in a ’She prefers instead to older men she meets through her part-time job as a nightclub promoter ‘The boys at my school mostly went into manual jobs after we left and seemed to think I had a high opinion of myself for going to university,’ says BeccaWith a working-class upbringing — Becca’s mother is an activities co-ordinator and her father an engineer — Becca was not only the first in her family to go to university but an anomaly among her male peers in Burnley those from poorer backgrounds the gender divide is highly pronounced with young women who were on free school meals 51 per cent more likely to go into higher education than men in similar circumstances.‘The boys at my school mostly went into manual jobs after we left and seemed to think I had a high opinion of myself for going to university,’ says Becca ‘They say I’m too bright. Natasha 22 is one of a growing breed of who fear — perhaps with good reason — they will be left on the proverbial shelf because of a shortage of educated menThis growing gulf between male and female attainment — the result many believe of the feminisation of the education system with more female teachers less physical exercise and an emphasis on the arts — is having troubling repercussions when it comes to relationships.A recent study found more than 90 per cent of predominantly graduate surveyed were delaying motherhood not to pursue careers but because they couldn’t find a suitable were so despairing they were considering freezing their eggs as an insurance simply it is an oversupply of educated females In China they are called ‘leftover’ ‘Being an A-grade student has been an obstacle as much as a blessing It has limited my choices in men,’ she both her degrees — she first studied English and German at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge then social policy at the same university for an extra ‘challenge’ — she claims male students fell into two camps ‘There were geeky types into computer games and leery lads who just wanted to drink and were intimid by my studious nature,’ she recalls ‘I didn’t want to be around either.’Throughout her 20s and 30s Andrea — who worked as a foreign languages teacher before setting up an online furniture store — struggled to find anyone longest relationship for two years was in her mid-30s with a musician It ended because she disapproved of his use of cannabis. ‘The few boys I met at university came from middle-class families in which a degree was expected of them,’ she explains ‘They weren’t generally interested in their studies whereas my degree was a big deal — I was there. ↑ Back to Top Welcome New to SBTB? 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By SB Sarah · at 3:00 am · View all 11 comments Continue reading → Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation →  Andrea said: ‘One found the fact I studied from a feminist perspective offputting Most mistakenly assume I hate men’She acknowledges some of her degree subjects were a bit ‘out there’ — they included gender and sexuality in Africa and reproduction in new medical technology — but adds: ‘It was hurtful that men didn’t want to talk about them.‘One found the fact I studied from a feminist perspective offputting Most mistakenly assume I hate men.’Many believe the growing number of casualties from the intellectual chasm will be educated in their 30s and 40s who’ve failed to find men they deem their equal and are running out of time to start a Gould 41 from Frinton-on-Sea Essex has two degrees and says her intellect has prevented her from finding love and having the family she longed for. By Amanda · Jul 2 2018 at 3:00 am · View all 3 comments This HaBO comes from BellaInAus who is looking for a book by Reader’s Digest Condensed Books: My grandmother used to buy the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and although I didn’t read many of them there were a few that stuck in my head One of them is this book which has driven me nuts ever since because I cannot remember the title the author or the name of the heroine and I don’t have the … Continue reading HaBO: Lord Boot’s Punch and Judy Show → And if you’d like to support the site the affiliate links in our posts and right here send a percentage of your purchases back to us – so. ‘Since then I’ve used online dating and tried to only those who specified a similar level of education on their profile,’ she says.‘But we had nothing in common Men think I’m too serious I want to talk about psychology and literature — they’re obsessed with UFOs and Harry Potter Perhaps I’m too fussy but I’m bored within an hour.’Dr Elle Boag a social psychologist at Birmingham City University says: ‘More graduate with the expectation of being challenged by conversation in a romantic context as well as in their careers.‘This in turn can be intimidating for men who often feel belittled by who’ve outgrown them.’For her part Andrea insists that scintillating conversation isn’t too much to. This is no surprise to Becca Porter who graduated last year from Manchester University with a joint honours degree in history and sociology and is now starting a masters in disability studies at Leeds University.‘The sense of achievement I derive from learning seems alien to most men,’ says Becca 23 ‘At school I wasn’t bothered about boys but I’m at the stage where I’d like to share my life with someone.’ Today was one of those days where a million little annoyances add to up to one big ‘ol “IDGAF.” I just want to sit alone in the air conditioning eat a fistful of allergy pills and read my book about dinosaurs goddamnit Actually if you took out the allergy pills part this would be eight-year-old Elyse’s ideal night too Instead I’m watching The Bachelorette because unlike Arie I honor my commitments If however the Benedryl kicks … Continue reading Elyse Watches The Bachelorette – Episode 6: What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur →

Advertise WITH US More Info » My normally mostly-under-control anxiety went through the roof last week I bit my nails picked my cuticles until they bled and caught myself pulling my hair when I was sleeping I lot of people I know seemed similarly overwhelmed and distressed at what has been going on at the southern borders of the United States at what’s going on pretty much everywhere My anxiety peaks when I am experiencing something emotionally distressing and I feel … Continue reading Crafting for a Cause → The comments below have been moderated in advance   View all The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline We are no longer accepting comments on this article. By Antonia Hoyle for the Daily Mail Published: 22:40 BST 25 September 2017 | Upd: 16:52 BST 26 September 2017 ‘Afterwards I’ll text to say our conversations weren’t flowing in the right direction Most accept it although one a company director went on the defensive saying I thought I was a princess,’ says Natasha ‘I think he had anger issues.’ British began to ‘catch up’ with men’s educational attainment levels in the Sixties when larger numbers entered universities but only recently have the roles been dramatically reversed with men falling behind at an alarming rate.‘In the Sixties there was a gendered way of pushing female graduates into jobs such as teaching and nursing,’ says Nichi Hodgson author of The Curious History Of Dating: From Jane Austen To Tinder. Heavy Vinyl is a comic book series set in New Jersey in 1998 The premise is that four teens/young run a record store and fight crime If that doesn’t make you stop reading this review and one-click immediately then you are dead to me For a few minutes at least The central protagonist is Chris a new employee at Vinyl Destination She has a crush on her coworker Maggie but is afraid to tell … Continue reading Heavy Vinyl by Carla Usdin → Wanna play Cards Against Romance Tropes with us? If you’re attending Romance Writers of America in Denver come join us! Where? Tower Court B When? Friday July 20 4:40 pm – not 4:20 which would be hilarious 4:40 pm How? Click here to reserve your seat! There is no cost to attend but I need to know how many folks are attending We’ll be playing silly games and indulging in late afternoon mayhem for the live recording … Continue reading Live Podcast Recording at RWA 2018! → By Amanda · Jul 3 2018 at 10:00 am · View all 9 comments Continue reading → Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → By Amanda · at 11:30 am · View all 24 comments Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews is $ ! I’ve heard good things about this book and it has a mix of scifi and paranormal elements and I really don’t know why I’m dragging my feet on reading this series Have you read it and how does it compare to Kate Daniels and Hidden Legacy? Continue reading → Advertise WITH US More Info » Becca recalls a factory worker she asked out in a bar while home for the holidays turning her down because she was ‘too clever’ for him.‘We were having a great chat until he found out I was at university,’ says Becca ‘I insisted I wasn’t too clever for him and he agreed to go on a shopping trip together for our first ‘But it was awful I think he felt I should lead the conversation so he barely spoke and I felt too awkward to say anything.’Her longest relationship was with a car mechanic from Burnley last year It lasted a few weeks.‘He thought I viewed myself as a big shot,’ says Becca who admits she found him ‘monosyllabic’ ‘Our conversations were mundane When I tried to start an informed discussion — about religion or terrorism for example — he had no idea how. Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → Ready Set Rogue by Manda Collins is $ ! Elyse mentioned this book in a previous Hide Your Wallet because the heroine inherits a huge library Hello! However some readers said there’s a suspense element to the romance that didn’t quite fit This is the first book in the Studies in Scandal series A couple other books in the series are also priced at $ ! Continue reading →

By Amanda · Jul 2 2018 at 11:30 am · View all 8 comments RECOMMENDED: Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn is $ ! This is the first book in the Heroine Complex series and it’s one that Carrie loves She reviewed this one and gave it. Hey there! It’s Wednesday! I hope you all are doing great I’m hosting my first romance event at a local brewery I’m very nervous but I hope it has a good turn out I also have free books to give away If you’re in the area please stop by and say hello! … Many of you have enjoyed watching Set It Up on Netflix If you’ve loved it Netflix has several other similar titles coming out this … Continue reading Links: Pokemon Romantic Comedies & More → ‘It sounds cold and callous but in demographic terms it’s true There are not enough graduates for them,’ said the study’s author Marcia Inhorn professor of anthropology at Yale upshot? Frustrated young terrified of being left single and childless — and men driven by a sense of inadequacy.‘Men may claim to want educated but don’t know how to deal with those they meet and some say they’re intimid by me,’ says Natasha who grew up in Birmingham and is single after breaking up with her boyfriend this year.‘I feel I’m hitting a. By Elyse · Jul 3 2018 at 4:00 am · View all 10 comments Sheraton Denver Downtown 1550 Court PlDenver CO United StatesEvent Details →Full Calendar of Event → You can submit your book for review with our handy Review Requests → No case is too cold! Get ready to put on your detective cap → How the hell is it July already? It’s not a bad month for new books though the bulk of these releases comes from Elyse Obviously she’s going to have a fantastic month Here are a few other books that might be on your radar: Kiersten White continues her Conqueror’s Saga with Bright We Burn Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers is out this month and is part of a highly recommended space opera series Penny Reid has … Continue reading July’s New Releases → By Elyse · Jul 3 2018 at 7:48 am · View all 14 comments Though Amanda recently read and enjoyed The Kiss Quotient we welcome this thoughtful and amazing squee from Brooke Winters Brooke is an autistic reader writer and activist who loves romance novels You can find her on Twitter – @BrookeWinters33 … As an autistic reader of romance I feel like I’ve been waiting for The Kiss Quotient forever I love romance novels but until recently I never read one that accurately represented me The Kiss Quotient … Continue reading Guest Squee: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang → By Amanda · at 11:30 am · View all 11 comments Going Dark by Monica McCarty is $ ! This is McCarty’s first book in her romantic suspense series The Lost Platoon I originally picked up this book because of the heroine; she’s a marine ecologist However I wasn’t too thrilled with our first intro to the hero and his fellow SEALs Continue reading → Nb: This guest review is from Reader Tara Scott If you want to read her previous guest reviews (and we highly recommend that you do) you can see them all here Tara reads a lot of lesbian romances You can catch her regularly reviewing at The Lesbian Review Lambda Literary and Curve Magazine and hear her talk about lesbian fiction (including romance) on her podcast Les Do Books You can also hit her up for recommendations on Twitter (@taramdscott) … … Continue reading Guest Review: Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones → By SB Sarah · at 2:00 am · View all 7 comments You usually can’t judge a book by it’s cover but honestly you can totally judge this book by its cover which features two Asian heroines with obviously different personalities a demonic cupcake (can’t get enough of those) and bright colors If that cover causes grabby hand syndrome then yes you will adore the book Continue reading → Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → Becca Porter who graduated last year from Manchester University with a joint honours degree in history and sociology (right) and is now starting a masters in disability studies at Leeds UniversityBut now are competing with men for the same careers — there are more female junior doctors than male for example while nearly two-thirds of practising lawyers in Scotland under 40 are — their achievements have become more problematic.‘ raise the issue of who would take time off when they have children,’ says Hodgson ‘After all why should a female partner stop working if she’s studied hard for her career?‘The reality is that with getting more — and better — degrees in the next ten to 20 years will be er than men in terms of how well they’re educated And I don’t think men are ready. Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → ‘I’M not after a man with money or a high-powered career just someone to have an intellectual conversation with.‘But I’m running out of time to start a family and that gives me a sense of emptiness.’The solution perhaps for Andrea and the growing number of in her situation could be to master the art of all as Dr Boag puts it: ‘A degree might make you think differently but it doesn’t make you a better person As continue to excel many might be better off exercising a bit more humility.’ By Guest Reviewer · at 4:00 am · View all 5 comments By SB Sarah · at 3:00 pm · Leave a comment The issue she explains is the calibre of men she attracts ‘I’m not claiming to be Albert Einstein but I can’t seem to meet a man I find intellectually stimulating,’ she says Nor is she the only well-educated young woman who says she is too clever to find she is one of a growing breed of who fear — perhaps with good reason — they will be left on the proverbial shelf because of a shortage of educated figures from the university admissions service UCAS showed that 30,000 more than men are starting degree courses in the UK On A-level results day last month 133,280 British aged 18 secured a university place compared with 103,800 men of the same effects of this carry over into the workplace where aged from 22 to 29 typically now earn £1,111 more a year than their. Natasha Hooper said: 'Men just can't deal with educated 'For Natasha Hooper the most important part of pre- preparation isn’t getting her hair done waxing her legs or buying a new dress Instead she is more preoccupied with composing a list of conversational topics which she hopes will bridge the gap between her highbrow preoccupations and the more mainstream interests of her g in a bar for a young man a few weeks ago she ran through possible options before settling on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn A surefire way the 22-year-old undergraduate reasoned to guarantee an interesting debate. By Carrie S · at 5:00 am · View all 10 comments Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation → By Guest Reviewer · Jul 2 2018 at 4:00 am · View all 16 comments ‘And only 20 or 30 years ago a man wanted his female partner to be because the assumption was that she would be the primary carer staying at home to raise their children who would then absorb her intellect.’ It’S time for part two of my recordings from Romantic Times 2018 We’re chatting about RT while we were still there over lunch and wine – ah the delays of extensive editing We have several meandering conversations – and some bits you may have heard in our live show too We talk about books our pets books publisher news at RT and random other things We cover why the hitman plot works for Elyse but … Continue reading 305 More from RT 2018: There Are Some Books Around Here and Some Creepy Dolls → Welcome to Cover Awe! This is the place where we discuss covers that we like and/or find utterly gorgeous Amanda: The cover definitely captures the characters! Elyse: I love his little smile Sarah: I adore everything about this cover most especially how happy he looks to be kissing her *Happy sigh* Elyse: Pink and gold are my favorite colors and pretty much guarantee an auto buy Amanda: I love the look on her face There’s … Continue reading Cover Awe: Pinks Flowers & Feathers → Don't miss a moment of Bitches fun All you need to do is click this link and. By Amanda · at 2:00 pm · View all 9 comments View comments ('bundle' function(){ ('top'); }); Recently Posted ❤ Latest Podcasts ❤ Search ❤ Blog Navigation →